Friday, August 23, 2013

Fermented Cabbage

I am so glad to talk to you this week. We have been having a really good week. This is the last week of my first transfer in the field. So cool that we get new missionaries next week. June is missionary month here, and so every one in our ward has been inviting their friends to come to church. It is really exciting. I hope some new investigators come out of it. Also, we had an investigator in church this week and he cried the whole time. The ward gave such powerful testimonies. We might be setting a baptismal date this week. Also, a really cool thing happened this week. Our investigator from Nigeria (Unity) has still been having a hard time deciding to get baptized because of his mom. Elder moon and I didnt know how to plan our next lesson with him and so we just said a quick prayer. Later that night we got a call from a guy who said he was a newly baptized member that had just moved into our area from Urkraine. He is also from Nigeria. We met with him at church and he told us of how he got baptized and his story was very similar to unity´s situation. He bore a really strong testimony. This week we are going to bring him into our lesson with Unity to see if he can help. Pretty cool.
I am so glad that I can be out here to witness these miricles in the lives of the people. I am doing just great. The language is coming along, and I am starting to understand the members at church. Also, I tried home made German Saurkraut and its actually pretty good. Who new fermented cabbage could be so good? Well, I love you all. Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Phillips

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